gear: beer!


While climbing harnesses keep you alive and the right tent will protect you from the elements, here at o2, we think the most important gear for summer comes in a bottle. so we broke down some of our favorite beers from around oregon to equip you for any occasion.

Post Gnar
Joe IPA - 10 Barrel, Bend  
Back at the cabin. Dirty, tired, and sweaty.

Amber Ale - Full Sail, Hood River
Want more friends? Bring this to the BBQ.

Awkward Wedding
Tricerahops Double IPA - Ninkasi, Eugene
One and you’re done, four and you’re floored. Some serious liquid courage.

Highway 101
Kiwanda Cream Ale - Pelican, Pacific City
Sippin’ on the dock of the bay, watching sobriety roll away.

Campground Classic
Mirror Pond Pale Ale - Deschutes, Bend   
Never fails.

A Bit Too Early  
Espresso Stout- Oakshire, Eugene
A cup of Joe is a great reason to drink before 5pm.

Backpacker Brew
Oregon IPA- Caldera, Ashland
Yes, backcountry boozing is more than okay.

City Sidewalks
Kingpin Double Red Ale - Bridgeport, Portland
Pairs well with food carts.

On the River
Dead Guy Ale - Rogue, Newport
Double fist so you don’t have to paddle.

All day, Everyday.  
Pabst Blue Ribbon - Established in Milwaukee in 1844
‘Nuff said.